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700L & 700LD


Siruba overlock technology

700L Series :


Based on Siruba overlock technology, we greatly enhance the performance.

In pursuit of the core performance of thread controlling and fabric feeding, it realizes perfect sewing quality.

Threading system is fully optimized. As we fine-tuned every detail about the thread tension, it realizes a very good thread controlling. The feed dog, Presser foot, and fabric trimmer are well coherent to make the fabric feeding optimized. Regarding the applicability range of fabric weight, 700L has a more comprehensive correspondence by specification, and realizes the satisfactory seam quality.

700LD series :

Based on the rich experience of 700QD Series, Siruba upgrades the control technology.

The high speed servo motor

●By the plenty power, it realizes the operation speed of 7500 RPM.
●High precision makes low noise level and low heat.

The controller modularized design, with a variety of combinations, comprehensively meets the various demands.

●Economic type: Energy saving, and also drives EC device, electrical tape cutter 
●Multi-function type: the sensor checks fabric edge for automatic sewing mode. Also semi-auto or manual mode can be switched on demand.
●Multi-function type includes pneumatic and electrical type. Customers may choose the suitable specification according to the factory facility.

The new sensor is more sensitive, more accurate, no blind spot.

●It is very small, installed under the sewing bed, detecting the fabric by single direction.
●No need to adjust the position, apply to a variety of sewing operations.
●Overcoming the problem of sensory failure due to dust blocking.

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